Lenovo Laptop Price List

Series Model Specifictaion Price
ideapad 130 81H50038IN A6-9235|15.6 HD |4GB, 1TB|Win10|No DVD| Office H&S 2019| Black|2.2Kgs| 21500
ideapad 330 81G20064IH i3 DOS 14"/i3 7020U|14" HD|4GB|1TB|DVD RW|DOS|Onyx Black 29500
Ideapad 130-15IKB 81H7001WIN I3-7020U|15.6 FHD|4GB, 1TB|Win10|No DVD RW|black|2.2Kgs| 28500
Ideapad 330 81DC00YEIN I3-7020U|15.6 FHD|4GB, 1TB|Win10, OFFICE H&S 2016|DVD RW|Platinum Grey|2.2Kgs| 31000
Ideapad S145 81VD0033IN i3-7020U|15.6 HD|4GB, 1TB|No DVD RW|Win10, OFFICE H&S 2019|BLACK|1.85Kgs|No Bag 28500
Ideapad 130 81H700BLIN I3-7020U|15.6 FHD|4GB, 1TB| DVD RW|Win10|black|2.2Kgs| 29500
ideapad 130 81H700BDIN I3-7020U|15.6 FHD|4GB, 1TB| DVD RW|DOS|black|2.2Kgs|No Bag 27490
ideapad S145 (T&L) 81VD002PIN

I3 7020U|15.6 FHD|4GB, 1TB|No DVD RW|Win 10, Office H&S 2019|Black|Bag

Thin and light models - without drive - Celeron / PQC Models
ideapad S145 (T&L) 81MX000VIN N4000|15.6 HD |4GB, 1TB|Win 10|GREY|1.85Kgs|Bag 22990
ideapad S145 (T&L) 81MV00M3IN PENTIUM 5405U|15.6 HD|4GB,1TB|Win 10|Grey|Bag 24990
Thin and light models - without drive - Core i3 DOS and OS Models ( 1 year warranty)
ideapad S145 (T&L) 81VD0079IN I3-7020U|15.6 HD|4GB, 1TB| |DOS|black|2.2Kgs|Bag 26490
ideapad S145 (T&L) 81VD0008IN I3-7020U|15.6 FHD|4GB, 1TB| |Win10|black|2.2Kgs|Bag 30490
ideapad S145 (T&L) 81VD002PIN I3 7020U|15.6 FHD|4GB, 1TB||Win 10, Office H&S 2019|Black|Bag 31990
  Traditional Notebooks - i3 and i5  
 ideapad 330  81DE02W8IN i3 7020U|15.6 FHD|4GB, 1TB+128GB SSD||Win 10|2GB Nvidia Gefore MX150 Graphics Card|Platnium Grey|bag   38990
ideapad 330 81DE01Y0IN I5-8250U|15.6 FHD|8GBB, 1TB|Win10, OFFICE H&S 2016|DVD RW|NVIDIA® GEFORCE® MX150 (2G GDDR5)|PLATINUM GREY|2.2Kgs|Bag 52990
ideapad 330 81DE01Y1IN I5-8250U|15.6 FHD |8GB, 1TB|DVD RW|Win10, OFFICE H&S 2016|NVIDIA® GEFORCE® MX150 (4G GDDR5)|PLATINUM GREY|2.2Kgs|Bag 57490
Thin and light models - without drive - Core i5 DOS Gr and OS with 2GB Gr and 4GB Gr Models
 ideapad S145 (T&L) 81MV013QIN  i5-8265U|15.6 FHD |4GB, 1TB|Win10|GREY|1.85Kgs|No bag  38990 
 ideapad S145 (T&L)  81MV0095IN  i5-8265U|15.6 FHD |4GB, 1TB|Win10|GREY|1.85Kgs|bag 39990
ideapad S145 (T&L) 81MV00WRIN i5-8265U|15.6 FHD |8GB, 1TB+256GB SSD|Win10, OFFICE H&S 2019||GREY|1.85Kgs|Bag 48990
ideapad S14 (T&L) 81MV009HIN i5-8265U|15.6 FHD |8GB, 1TB|DOS|NVIDIA® MX110 2GB GDDR5|GREY|1.85KgBag 44990
S340 81VV008SIN 81VV008SIN i3-1005G1|14.0FHD IPS AG 250N N|4GB DDR4|1TB HDD|Win 10, OFFICE H&S 2019|Platinum Grey|Bag 40990
ideapad 330s 81F501J9IN i5-8250U|15.6 FHD IPS|8GB,1TB|Win 10, Office H&S 2019|AMD RADEON 535 2GB GDDR5|Platinum Grey|bag 52990
Ideapad S340 81N700LXIN i5-8265U|14.0 FHD |8GB DDR4|512GB M.2 SSD |Win10, OFFICE H&S 2019|Platinum Grey|2.2Kg|bag 55490
Ideapad S340 81VV008TIN i5-1035G1|14 FHD IPS  250 nits|8GB, 1TB+256GB SSD|Win10, OFFICE H&S 2019| PLATINUM_GREY|1.55Kgs|Bag 56490
Ideapad S340 81N8009RIN i5-8265U|15.6 FHD |8GB, 512GB SSD|Win10, OFFICE H&S 2019||NVIDIA® MX230 2GB GDDR5|PLATINUM GREY|1.79Kgs|bag 59490
ideapad S540 81NE0020IN i5-8265U|15.6FHD IPS|8GB DDR4|1TB+128GB SSD|Win 10,OFFICE H&S 2019|MX250 2GB G5 32B|Mineral Grey|Finger print Reader|bag 64490
ideapad S540 81ND00FAIN 81ND00FAIN i5-8265U|14 FHD IPS, 250 nits|8GB, 1TB SSD|Win10, OFFICE H&S 2019|NVIDIA® MX250 2GB GDDR5|MINERAL GREY|1.5Kgs|Bag 70990
  CONVERTIBLE - Touch (360 degree ) without DVD Writer  
C340 81TK008HIN i3-10110U|14 FHD IPS Touch, 250 nits|8GB, 512GB SSD|Win10, OFFICE H&S 2019| PLATINUM| 1.65Kgs|bag 53990
Yoga 520 81C800QLIN I5-8250U|14 FHD IPS Touch|8GB, 1TB|Win10, OFFICE H&S 2019||NVIDIA® GEFORCE® GT 940MX (2GB GDDR5)|ONYX BLACK|1.7Kgs|Bag 60490
C340 81N400J7IN i5-8265U|14 FHD IPS Touch||8GB, 1TB SSD|Win10, OFFICE H&S 2019|NVIDIA® MX230 2GB GDDR5|PLATINUM|1.65Kgs|bag 77490
C640 81UE0034IN i5-10210U|13.3 FHD IPS Touch, 300 nits|8GB, 512GB SSD|Win10, OFFICE H&S 2019|IRON GREY|1.35Kgs|Bag 77490
C340 81N400HDIN i7-8565U|14 FHD IPS Touch|Win10, OFFICE H&S 2019|16GB, 1TB SSD|NVIDIA® MX230 2GB GDDR5||PLATINUM|1.65Kgs|Bag| 91490
Sub Gaming Laptop - No drive
ideapad 330 81FK00DKIN I5-8300H|15.6 FHD |8GB, 1TB|Win 10|NVIDIA® GEFORCE® GTX 1050 (4G GDDR5)|ONYX BLACK|2.2Kgs|Bag 57490
ideapad L340 81LK00GXIN i5-9300H|15.6 FHD IPS|8GB, 1TB+128GB SSD|Win10, OFFICE H&S 2019|NVIDIA® GEFORCE® GTX 1050 (3GB GDDR5)|BLACK|2.2Kgs|Bag 60990
ideapad L340 81LK00JSIN i5-9300H|15.6 FHD IPS |8GB, 1TB|Win10, OFFICE H&S 2019|NVIDIA® GEFORCE® GTX 1650 (4GB GDDR5)|BLACK|2.2Kgs|bag| 65490
ideapad L340 81LK00NRIN i5-9300H|15.6 FHD IPS|8GB, 512GB SSD|Win10, OFFICE H&S 2019|NVIDIA® GEFORCE® GTX 1650 (4GB GDDR5)|BLACK|2.2Kgs|bag 67490
ideapad L340 81LG00TGIN i7-8565U| 15.6FHD|8GB, 1TB| Nvidia MX230 2GB DDR5 | Win 10| GRANITE BLACK |No Bag 63490
Legion - Gaming Laptops
Y540 81SY00B6IN i5-9300H|15.6 FHD |8GB, 1TB+256GB SSD|Win10|NVIDIA® GEFORCE® GTX 1650 (4GB GDDR5) |BLACK |2.3Kgs Bag 80490
Y540 81SY00C7IN i5-9300H|15.6 FHD IPS |8GB, 1TB SSD|Win10, OFFICE H&S 2019|NVIDIA® GEFORCE® GTX 1650 (4GB GDDR5) |BLACK| 2.3Kgs|Bag 82490
Y540 81SY00CTIN i7-9750H|15.6 FHD|8GB, 512gb SSD|Win10,|NVIDIA® GEFORCE® GTX 1650 (4GB GDDR5)|BLACK|2.3Kg||No Bag 85490
Y540 81SY00EVIN i7-9750H|15.6 FHD IPS|16GB, 1TB SSD|Win10,|NVIDIA® GEFORCE® GTX 1650 (4GB GDDR5)|BLACK|2.3Kg||No Bag 98990
Y540 81SX00F0IN i7-9750H|15.6FHD IPS||16GB|1TB HD +256GB SSD|GTX 1660 TI 6GB G6 192B |Win 10 | BLACK|No Bag 112490
Y540 81SX00G6IN i7-9750H|15.6 FHD IPS |16GB, 1TB SSD|Win10, OFFICE H&S 2019|NVIDIA® RTX2060 6GB|BLACK|2.3Kgs|GX40S69333|1 Year Hard bundled Premium Care & ADP 127490
330S 81F500GLIN I5-8250U|15.6 FHD IPS |4GB, 1TB|Win10| AMD RADEON™ 540 (2GB GDDR5)|PLATINUM GREY|1.87Kgs|bag 48990
330 81DE00WSIN I5-8250U|15.6 FHD |4GB+16GB Optane, 1TB|Win 10|DVD RW|AMD RADEON™ 530 (4GB GDDR5)|PLATINUM GREY|2.2Kgs|Bag 48990
330S 81FB00GYIN RYZEN 3 2200U|15.6 FHD IPS|4GB DDR,|1TB||Win 10, MS Office H&S 2019|Platinum Grey|2.2Kg|bag 28990
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